Juventus would defeat Empoli with many

The team of Juventus will be a host against Empoli in Round №31 of the Italian Serie A. There is no doubt that the team from Turin will win the match. The question is how many goals will they score.

Juventus is fighting for another title in the Calcio as a leader in the standings. Their main contestant – Napoli – does not lag behind and there are no mistake left for the players of Juventus. Juventus scored, defended well and look like a team that deserves the title. The club was eliminated from the Champions League and now the title is a priority.

Many of the footballers played games for their national teams during the week. The core of the Italian national team is composed of players of Juventus. Italy lost heavily in Germany on Tuesday and now the mood in the team is not good. However, the match with Germany was a friendly one, lessons were taken and the Juventus players continue on their way to the title.

Paw Pogba is a key player for the team – engine in the midfield, but now the eyes are directed towards Paulo Dybala – world-class striker. He adapted very quickly to the team and became the leading scorer. He scores, he assists, he passes opponents with ease, he made the fans forget about Carlos Tevez.

Another star in the attack is Álvaro Morata, who also became a favorite of the fans. He scores and he takes a responsibility in difficult moments. He managed to dispossess Mandzukic from a starting list, and now the pair of strikers Dibala – Morata is the best in the whole Italian Serie A.

Bookmakers offer low odds for a Juventus win – usually 1.3 to win for the hosts. Therefore, you could bet on over 2.5 goals in the game. Betting predictions for this to happen is between 1.85 and 1.95 – enough tempting odds. Empoli attack is not convincing and you also could bet on “No” at stake “Both teams to score”. The odds are lower, but the bettings are more secure.

Juventus will defeated Empoli with many goals and without allowing a goal.